Is writing a bucket list really a good idea?

10 thoughts on “Is writing a bucket list really a good idea?”

  1. Congratulations on Quebec!

    I think bucket lists are a good idea, and I think you have the right idea (making it not so rigid). I know there are arguments against having a bucket list, but I don’t see the harm in seeking out your own adventures/experiences. Life is too short. I guess the trick is to stay open to new adventures, instead of doing something just to tick it off the list (even though I really enjoy ticking something off a list…)

    Anyway, before I continue rambling… best wishes!

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  2. I don’t buy into the bucket list, I wrote a post a while back questioning the concept and there was a mixed response. For me, I have never been good at writing down goals and objectives so it doesn’t fit me. In terms of travel, I take it as it comes and try to experience the moment.


    1. I can completely understand your view point. However, I don’t find writing a list of goals/places I would like to achieve/see as restrictive. In fact, all the spontaneous adventures I have had that were not on my list actually inspire me to write ideas on my list that I had never thought of beforehand. It doesn’t mean I will tick them all off but it’s simply a reminder that I want to be spontaneous and live in the moment.
      When I tick off the places/goals I wanted to see/achieve a year ago, I suppose it’s a gratifying experience. You could say that completing these goals is perhaps a reminder of who you are. This sounds slightly pathetic as yes, I do already know who I am and I don’t need a piece of paper to prove this, however, at my age, I could potentially take a complete different professional direction and easily lose sight of my true goals and dreams. I mean, I’ve seen it happen to so many people. For example, in Paris, I worked in a restaurant last summer that made me miserable and I really felt hopeless. It was nice to look at the list and remember what really mattered to me before I had such a terrible experience.
      Certainly, bucket lists are not for everyone!! So maybe mine isn’t a traditional bucket list after all!! Hope this explains a little bit better!

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      1. Indeed it does, everyone’s different and we need to embrace this. I love posts like this as they spark really good discussion as everyone does things differently , different strokes for different folks 😉

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  3. Really like this post! Although I LOVE planning things and writing down my future goals, obviously there a few things on my bucket list that may be impossible to do at the time. It will really disappoint me if I don’t tick them all off though lmao. However! It’s nice to keep track of all the things we want to do in life. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST WOOOOOOOOOOO x

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  4. Thanks chick! Currently about to make myself some tea and read through more of your posts! Really enjoy them! Would you be a kind darling and give my blog a follow? I’m new to it all and would really appreciate the support! x

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